"Clear resurgence" in USA demand noted at IPW 2024

Chris Thompson, the current president & CEO of Brand USA, delivered his final press conference after a decade of service at IPW 2024, celebrated the destination's "clear resurgence," and welcomed successor Todd Davidson to the stage.

Statistics showing that the near-67 million visitors to the USA last year contributed US$213 billion to the US economy were marked as "a clear resurgence in travel enthusiasm, with the United States continuing to lead the world in long-haul travel arrivals," according to Chris Thompson, who is due to step down from his role this summer.

Marking a 28% increase in 2022's visitation and spend, Chris reacted: "The industry is strong, and Brand USA is well positioned which gives me the confidence to step aside."

2024 is expected to continue the momentum, with 2025 due to mark the succession of 2019 visitation levels for the Australian, Brazilian, Canadian, French, German, Italian, and UK markets.

"Brand USA’s commitment to inviting international travellers to the United States is a key reason why the USA remains the most aspirational travel destination in the world," Chris concluded.

Todd Davidson, Brand USA board chair then welcomed Fred Dixon, current CEO of New York City Tourism + Convention, to the stage: Dixon will succeed Chris Thompson as CEO and president from July 15th, 2024.