Discovery Cove immerses and educates with new flamingo habitat

A partnership with Audubon Florida sees the new area support flamingo conservation efforts, with guests invited to immerse and educate themselves.

The spacious environment offers the unique bird species a vibrant and lush landscape, with entry to the new viewing area included with admission.

Flamingo Mingle experiences, offered throughout the day, offer a more intimate look at the species: five percent of proceeds will be donated to bird conservation organisation Audubon Florida.

Discovery Cove's park president, Brad Gilmour, said the new enclosure "does double duty as a safe, familiar environment for these beautiful birds, while also serving as an amazing opportunity for our guests to observe and learn the importance of conservation."

Julie Wraithmell, executive director at Audubon Florida, added: "It’s important for people to see and learn about these amazing birds because the more they know, the more they care. That’s why we’re so grateful for this partnership with Discovery Cove, that not only supports our overall mission, but also inspires people to help protect and preserve flamingos and their habitats so they can flock back to Florida."

Tickets are now available through