The generation heralding a climate-conscious shift in travel

While data from the Advantage Travel Partnership has revealed that 46% of Gen Z are travelling more frequently, the consortium believes the 18-25s market is heralding a "complete revolution" in travel expectations.

The Partnership's new 'Jetsetting into Tomorrow' report looks ahead to the next generation of travel spenders, uncovering how and why they travel now, and plan to in the future.

Almost half (46%) suggest they are travelling much more or more frequently than previously, but perhaps not how initially expected, with 39% taking the train more often.

Julia Lo Bue-Said, the Advantage Travel Partnership's CEO, revealed the report at the Partnership's conference in Mexico, stating: "What [Gen Z] want from travel is different to any other generation.

"How they travel... [and] what they are travelling for is becoming increasingly important."

Community and culture vultures

The report suggests that one in four Gen Z respondents are looking for community-based travel, 34% are in search of lesser-known destinations and 22% strive for destinations that have a positive impact on people, place, and planet.

Desire for meaningful holidays extends to a wider generational sample size: 43% of holidaymakers want more cultural experiences on offer by hotels and 33% hope those hotels have a positive impact on the environment.

31% of the wider group want to understand more about the destination they are visiting.

What does the move towards culture and community at the centre of holiday motivations mean for travel agents? Julia described the shift as "a really great opportunity for travel agents" to consider a hotel environmental approach or destination's community and culture credentials while booking.

"As an industry, we have a duty to make sure we can satisfy that demand."

To the next level

Almost one in four (24%) of respondents suggest they are on the hunt for luxury breaks and one in five (20%) seek a more personalised service from their accommodation.

"[Consumers] are seeing travel as a godforsaken right... the enrichment they get from the travelling experience is really important."

In support of the shift towards responsible travel, the Partnership confirmed plans to extend its collaboration with a sustainability intelligence platform at the conference.

The Advantage Travel Partnership Conference is taking place from May 15th to 18th, 2024 at the Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres Resort & Spa in Cancun.