Solmar Villas: 1,500 villas on sale and £250 to be won

The villa provider's 2025 programme launch features over 1,500 villas across the globe, with the top three sellers by July 2nd, 2024 earning vouchers worth up to £250.

With options across Spain and its surrounding islands, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, France and Florida, agents and their clients are spoiled for choice next year: prices start from £403 for a week's stay at Villa Chiquita in Menorca based on an April arrival.

Elsewhere, stays at Villa Ay Kyriaki in Cyprus start from £1,051 during the summer school holidays.

Three vouchers are on offer to top sellers by July 2nd: the overall highest seller will earn a £250 Solmar Villas voucher, with second and third place earning £150 and £100, respectively. Qualifying bookings will be automatically logged.