MSC discovers the beauty of cruising in global campaign

The campaign aims to encourage audiences to discover the beauty of cruising by immersing into the experiences on and off board.

 The global campaign 'For a greater beauty' will be broadcast across 30 countries worldwide across multiple media avenues, including TV, print media, digital and social media. Not only will the campaign highlight the beauty of the natural world and the experiences that can be had within it, but also shines a spotlight on the fragility of that world and how more respect needs to be shown to the oceans.

MSC Cruises’ managing director, Antonio Paradiso, has said that the company wanted to create a “visual experience that incorporates brand values and respect for the oceans and the planet” by showcasing the variety of experiences that are available on board MSC vessels. The desire behind the campaign was for guests to “discover the beauty of cruising in a more conscious way.”

The TV segment was filmed aboard MCS Europa, the first of the fleet to be powered by liquefied