Finland crowned World's Happiest Country for a seventh consecutive time

The United Nations World Happiness Report certified the destination as the worlds happiest nation: Visit Finland has teamed up with Helsinki Partners to uncover the source of its urban happiness.

Five distinct Helsinikians (including 70-year-old skateboarder and swimmer Lena Salmi, sustainable chef Luka Balaca, and wellbeing expert Adela Pajunen) will share their top Helsinki happiness tips on the upcoming Helsinki Happiness Hacks urban expedition, which is free for chosen participants (including return travel expenses to Finland).

Hal Jimenez, senior director of International Marketing at Business Finland, said: "There is an old Finnish proverb that states: ‘The one who has happiness, should hide it’. As the world’s happiest country since 2018, we have decided to take the old phrase and update it, making our modern motto: ‘The one who has happiness, should share it.’

"We are excited to invite people from around the world to learn about our Finnish keys and hacks to happiness... [and] share an authentic slice of Finnish urban happiness in Helsinki from our own Helsinki Happiness Hackers."