Tobago: Ideal escape for some fun in the sun

For an escape to warmer climates and experience the real Caribbean, Tobago is the ideal destination for holidaymakers. 

With rainforests, home to hundreds of species of birds, spectacular beaches and clear waters perfect for snorkeling, diving and swimming, Tobago has it all.

Those wanting to ride the waves should head to Mount Irvine, one of the destination?s best-kept secrets. Great white, sandy beaches and almond trees for shade Mount Irvine is ideal for those wanting to escape to a quieter beach and experience incredible waves. Ideal for both long and short boarders, with waves here breaking on an offshore reef on the northeastern side of the bay. For seasoned-surfers there is also Minister Bay.

Tobago is one of the world-class destinations for kitesurfing during winter months. Pigeon Point is one of the best spots with its consistent wind direction. It?s also a great spot for its picturesque thatch-roofed jetty. Lambeau on the wind-blown Atlantic coast provides the best chance to catch the breeze and ride the waves.

For snorkeling and diving locations in the Caribbean, Crown Point, Charlotteville and Speyside are some of the finest spots, with sloping gentle reefs, rock formations, shear walls, canyons and plankton-rich waters to choose from. 

Tours are available through Little Tobago?s Bird Sanctuary, and Bloody Bay Rainforest, where visitors can discover the best birdwatching spots in Tobago. One of the best hikes is through the green vegetation to the country?s highest waterfall, Argyle Fall, before being awarded a refreshing dip in the cool waters. 

Those who fancy hitting two wheels will enjoy an invigorating cycle trail, such as Elvis Goats. Considered one of the oldest protected rainforests in the western hemisphere, the mountain range elevates up to 1,900 feet. Cyclists can also opt for Chala?s Trail, created by local villagers and allow for the trail to meander through the community via a single track. 

It is one of the best destinations in the world for beaches. In addition to more popular beaches such as Speyside, Pigeon Point, and Charlottesville, there are other stunning, pristine beaches across the destination. Other beaches worth visiting include Castara Bay. There is also Englishman?s Bay nestled in Tobago?s rainforest backdrop. This beach is perfect for those wanting a secluded, private beach feel.