Reconnect with the world and nature on Tahiti's Islands

Tahiti Tourisme has launches its latest social campaign ?Reconnect With The World in The Islands of Tahiti? to invite travellers back to the islands and reconnect with their loved ones amidst the natural beauty of the Tahiti Islands.

The group of 118 islands and atolls has stopped reporting newer cases of coronavirus since May 29 and will be ready to welcome tourists from July 15 with essential health and safety measures in place, such as COVID-19 tests no more than 72 hours before flights, presenting test results when boarding and providing contact information to health authorities.

The social media campaign, which will roll out in stages, aims to inspire UK agents by showcasing a secluded place, rich in natural beauty, that will help visitors tap into the life force, that is mana; a concept which denotes a natural flow of energy through all living beings; something for which the islands of Tahiti are famous. It is no surprise that artist Paul Gauguin moved to The Islands of Tahiti long back in 1891 to find inspiration and reconnect with his creative side. 

The campaign will promote ways to book trips to this region. UK travellers should be able to travel to Tahiti via Paris or Los Angeles on Air Tahiti Nui. Other airlines which are flying to Tahiti include Aircalin, Air France, Air New Zealand, Air Tahito, French Bee, Hawaiian Airlines, LATAM and United Airlines, so agents can check out multiple options depending on the lifting of travel restrictions for UK customers.

 ?COVID-19 has disrupted our lives, changing everything we thought we could rely on, and leaving us physically and emotionally disconnected from nature, each other and our own sense of place in the world. Our insights show that people are looking for more than a holiday; that they want to feel certain about the world again. The Islands of Tahiti is well placed to deliver on that promise.? says Jean Marc Mocellin, CEO of Tahiti Tourisme.

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