Strong outlook for Canada predicts CAD$160 billion revenue by 2030

Destination Canadas ‘Tourism Outlook: Unlocking Opportunities for the Sector’ report for last year paints a strong portrait of potential for the Great White North.

With early estimates suggesting CAD$109.5 billion in total tourism revenue for 2023, last year marked the premature return to pre-pandemic levels of tourism spend.

Tourism was also noted as a growth sector of 5.8%, a greater annual rate than that of the wider economy.

The board’s chief data and analytics officer, Meaghan Ferrigno, said the next steps are “about unleashing capacity when and where we have it... smart growth that drives real prosperity for tourism businesses across every corner of this country.”

Strong ambitions to unlock an extra capacity that represents the CAD$20 billion required to reach the CAD$160 billion mark by 2023 rest on seven key levers: workforce development, unleashing capacity outside of peak season, attracting higher yield guests, increasing air access, and bolstering new investment and reinvestment.