Short sailings source of sea-centric surge, according to has reported that cruises between two and six nights in length are proving increasingly popular, inspiring waves in the cruise market and outselling longer departures.

After last month uncovering why guests might consider a cruise, the next phase of's research has revealed how they like to cruise: for the agency's customers, 42% growth year-on-year in the short-sailing sector is a testament to a sway towards less-intensive voyages.

Shorter sailings are deemed as a more accessible choice for uncertain new-to-cruise guests, and as 71% of guests that have never cruised now say they might consider a sailing according to a recent CLIA survey, this market is a growing one.

Managing director Tony Andrews said that shorter voyages "provide the perfect way for new-to-cruise guests to dip their toe in the water and sample the many activities available onboard such as family-friendly entertainment, world-class dining and blockbuster stage productions.

"With many short cruise prices aligned to those from five years ago, there’s never been a better way to try a holiday at sea."