PATA reacts as Post Office puts Pacific Asia in pole value position

Off the back of Post Office Travel Money’s Holiday Money Report 2024, Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) spokesperson Helen Wheat explains where the positive signs are pointing across Pacific Asia.

Post Office Travel Money’s Annual Holiday Report 2024 uncovered the top 15 best-value holiday destinations: six of which were in Pacific Asia.

Helen Wheat, destination manager for Asia at Travelbag and PATA UK & Ireland Chapter’s tour operator spokesperson, made happy reading of the news: "This year saw the region kick off on a positive note with attractive prices helping to boost sales. All indicators point to travel being a top priority for consumers this year which is reflected in forward sales already."

Not only does this make happy reading for the PATA’s tour operator members, but also for agents selling Pacific Asia: many destinations across the region represent an impressive proposition when it comes to value for money, tactical offers from operators and upselling opportunities.

"In today’s current economic climate, customers are definitely focusing more on value for money and making every penny stretch as far as possible. With the cost increase of international flights, passengers are choosing to stay in-destination for longer and make the most of their time on resort."

Vietnam came first place in the report’s best-value destinations, with Japan (fourth), Bali (eighth), Malaysia (11th), Thailand (12th) and India (13th) also claiming top spots.

Largely, the increase in value-for-money has been attributed to a stronger pound: Japan has recorded a 16.2% drop in local prices, with Vietnam’s Hoi An seeing prices down 14.4% last year, brewing the perfect storm of value opportunities across the region for Brits on holiday.

"Pacific Asia is an incredible area to secure a bargain trip and many countries offer incredible value for money, especially for local food and drink, arts and handicrafts.

"At Travelbag, we have noticed a marked increase in the average length of stay as well as customers opting for higher room types such as pool-access, suites and villas. This again is because countries such as Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia offer strong tacticals and can be a much more affordable option versus other holiday choices such as Europe and America."

Helen's thoughts and the report's findings align with what PATA UK & Ireland Chapter chairman Chris Crampton described as "a good start" to 2024 in February.

Helen Wheat is the Pacific Asia Travel Association UK & Ireland tour operator spokesperson and destination manager for Asia at Travelbag.