Nashville goes from record-breaking hits to record-breaking visitation

While Nashville has long been the source of record-breaking hits, the destination itself is now a record-breaking one.

2023 saw visitors spend US$10.56 billion (US$29 million a day), with a record 16.8 million visitors descending upon the iconic city.

The Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp. now anticipates further accelerated growth to 17.1 million visitors in 2024 and 17.5 million in 2025 according to forecasts, continuing to 2027 when the board anticipates 18.7 million visitors.

Deana Ivey, president and CEO of the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp. promised not to rest on very successful laurels: “We don’t take our destination’s success for granted... we work not only on today and tomorrow, but also next year and next decade to keep our industry growing."