Looking to the future: MSC Cruises launches 'Open Booking' system

The new ‘Open Booking’ programme allows guests on board to make a future holiday reservation without committing to a vessel, itinerary or departure date.

The new initiative complements the cruise line’s ‘Future Cruise’ programme which was introduced last summer. With the open booking system, guests can secure their next voyage by paying a £100 deposit per person while on board their current sailing. They will then receive a certificate granting them up to 12 months to select their preferred date.

If guests select a ship and departure date within 60 days of making their open booking, they will receive up to £200 in onboard credit, or £100 if they book within a year.

Agents will also benefit from the programme's perks, receiving full commission once the ship and sail date have been selected.

Steve Williams, director of sales at MSC Cruises, is eager for travellers to have “more flexibility in choosing their next ship and sailing date” and praises the programme for allowing guests “up to a year to make that decision while earning future credit for their next holiday at sea.”