Intrepid celebrates rail renaissance with new travel range

The dedicated rail travel range includes 40 trips and three brand new itineraries through Europe and East Asia.

As data shows 92% of UK holidaymakers are hoping to take a train on their next trip, Intrepid’s new range offers travellers an added dimension of discovery as they travel slower and experience more local cultures on their journey.

The new rail itineraries include the 11-day ‘Trans-Mongolian Railway Adventure’ where guests will follow along the route of the ancient tea caravans from Beijing through to Mongolia, with visits to the Khustai National Park and the Gobi Desert. Prices for the itinerary lead in from £2,395 per person.

The 15-day ‘Paris to Istanbul’ journey takes travellers from Paris to Budapest following the same route as the historic Orient Express, with prices leading in from £3,370 per person. On Intrepid’s new 10-day ‘Paris to Rome’ itinerary, travellers will climb aboard the Gotthard Panorama Express through Switzerland and meander through the Alps. Prices for that itinerary lead in from £2,990 per person.

As part of the new trip category, Intrepid will also offer popular routes such as Bangkok to Southern Thailand, as well as lesser-known journeys such as Varanasi to Agra, India, and family adventures from Tokyo to Kyoto and Rome to Pompeii.