How to avoid getting swept away by the allure of luxury

Elliott Rouse, a Travel Counsellor, explained how to look beyond the glamour of luxury travel and book your clients the indulgent break of their dreams.

"When we think about luxury travel, it can be easy to get swept away by the allure of exclusive destinations and lavish accommodation: but there’s so much more to booking luxury travel.

"In a world brimming with destinations, crafting the perfect luxury holiday requires finesse, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of each travellers’ unique requirements. Whether it's privacy, cultural immersion, or wildlife exploration, there are countless ways to experience luxury while travelling.

"One big trend is the demand for curated holiday experiences where travellers seek bespoke, meaningful journeys tailored to their interests. This extends to experiential properties that provide the opportunity to become immersed in the wildlife, flora and fauna of the destination, like a safari. That means it falls upon us to build these deep personal connections with our luxury customers to understand their desires even before they do.

"Wellness trips are another big trend right now. Beyond traditional spa retreats, travellers are seeking refuge from the bustle of everyday life by reconnecting with nature. Tranquil meditation retreats and immersive wellness experiences such as forest bathing and wild swimming in breathtaking natural settings are emerging as the epitome of luxury.

"While classic destinations like Barbados, Mauritius, and the Maldives still hold a special draw, luxury travellers are increasingly drawn to multi-centre luxury and even those trips that take them off the beaten path. I’ve noticed that TV programmes like Race Across The World are really making people think about the range of experiences on offer in every place. So why not jump on this trend and suggest some lesser-known spots that offer unique and authentic experiences?

"In luxury travel, taking care of customers and providing a personalised service is key. Keep this in mind and transform luxury holidays into extraordinary journeys that exceed expectations."

Elliott Rouse is a Travel Counsellor based in Edinburgh.