Guyana benefits as travel agents seek out new destinations

Many travel agents took advantage of the lockdown to explore some new destinations for their clients; Guyana was a popular choice among them.

According to a spokeswoman, there was an increase in their online travel training course, as 245 modules were completed in the first month of launching the course.

She said: ?We feel that this shows an appetite for more adventurous and off the beaten track destinations and we are very lucky to have trade partners like Latin Routes support our trade sales.?

Travel trade has been gearing up to sell Guyana as an emerging destination in 2021. It is the only country in South America where English is the official language.

While the country remains closed to international tourism, it is preparing for its return to business with the announcement of new tours. A ?Seven Curry Tour? will take travellers on a culinary journey to discover one of Guyana?s most famous dishes, seven curry. Visitors can also join tours to the remote Arawak (one of the nine indigenous groups) communities of Wakapoa and Lake Capoey.

Image credit: homocosmicos/Adobe stock