Ecuador?s safety first policy brings back tourists

Travel and tourism is returning to the Galapagos Islands which is attracting more visitors since they reopened their borders this summer.

June saw just 38 tourists, which rose to 400 in July and jumped to 1,300 in August. The latest figures come from the Minister of Tourism of Ecuador, Rosi Prado de Holgu?n who was speaking live at the virtual LATA Expo 2020. 

The week-long conference started today with the Ecuadorian minister explaining how they are attracting visitors by using a travel corridor, while also working with the World Travel Tourism Council to implement protocols which ensure travel is safe. Visitors also need to show a negative coronavirus test on arrival. 

Ms Prado de Holgu?n said: ?We have been leading the Latin American market. In July, we opened for international flights. We have four European airlines flying to Ecuador. We have 22 protocols checked by the WTTC. That helped us open our country to tourism and it has been growing a little bit." 

?The Galapagos is our main destination and we have prepared a safe corridor for the people who are coming to visit our islands. We are working hard. We have only the PCR test that is the only requirement the tourist has to have to arrive to Ecuador." 

?Once you have the PCR test you can move around the country. If you are travelling to the Galapagos you need a second test in Ecuador and you get the results in 24 hours and you can fly to the islands and start touring."

?Galapagos is a very quiet destination with a lot of beaches. There?s no crowds. We have only the company of the beautiful animals."

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