Craig Goodridge on keeping up with quotes, The Traitors, and pressure during peaks

Sheffields very own Craig Goodridge shared some Agent Insight in the latest issue of Travel Bulletin, spotlighting how he has coped with going it alone, the current peaks period and those price-matching enquiries...

Craig has just entered his seventh year of business. Since opening his first shop in Sheffield's Moor Market in July, he has "aimed to establish trust in my local area for peaks... [with a] unit adorned with eye-catching posters, offers, brochures, and a digital display."

Going it alone has "enabled [Craig] to expand into the UK and Coach Travel sectors, a realm [he] didn't delve into much while working from home." 

Signs are positive, as "the gamble [he] took seems to be paying off as each month progresses."

As for "balancing face-to-face customer interactions with my predominantly online business" and "add[ing] family time, regular meals and watching The Traitors to the mix: the pressure builds!"

Craig says "utilising [his] diary planner has become a lifesaver" as "staying on top of quotes is [his] main goal."

The old faithful stays strong: "drinking lots of tea, eating lots of Greggs, and having a good chat and gossip with fellow market has kept [him] sane!"

Read Craig's full Agent Insight column on page 10 of the latest issue of Travel Bulletin here.