2021: The crucial year that will shape the future of travel

2021 will be a pivotal year for the travel sector if its to meet its 2025 recovery target.

Patterns will emerge to help travel agents sell holidays that travellers will feel confident to book and safe to take in the New Year.

Trends such as putting health first are already shaping the future of the industry. Another change coming to light is a move to travel by ?invitation, not inspiration? model, whereby holidaymakers select destinations where they are welcomed back by locals.

Aviation and tour operators will also have learned lessons and will be able to react quickly to adapt to Covid-19 outbreaks and regional lockdowns - and not shut down, like in April when 97% of air traffic stopped across Latin America, according to the figures provided by from MMGY Hills Balfour.

Caroline Moultrie, managing director, MMGY Hills Balfour, said the industry needs to ?hone in on what?s working? if it's to meet the 2025 recovery forecast.

Speaking at the online travel conference for Latin America, LATA Expo 2020, she said: ?This is the nut we have to crack. We have to look at this as a ?we will come out of this? situation. 2021 is going to be a pivotal year for everyone - the airlines particularly - but if we don?t get a strong 2021 the foundations for 2022 and beyond start to get ever more worrying.?