Research reveals cruise-crazy UK booking hotspots

PO Cruises Arvia at seaResearch from has spotlighted the regions in the UK that are crazy for cruise: with South Coasters pining for the seas and taking the top three spots.

The cruise specialist revealed that Fareham remains the most fruitful of cruise markets, with the Hampshire town's population booking more cruise holidays per head this year (and in 2022) than any town or city in the UK. Fareham's situation between Southampton and Portsmouth makes it a prime location for cruise piners, with options galore on locals' doorsteps. 

Southampton itself takes second spot: the local port's hosting of P&O, Cunard, Royal Caribbean and more makes it no mystery why locals love cruise. 

Equally coastal Chichester, in West Sussex, found itself in third place – rising the ranks rapidly from 15th last year. 

Two Northern towns (Barnsley and Chorley) took fourth and fifth place, respectively.'s managing director, Tony Andrews, dubbed Fareham "the booking capital of the UK" and displayed "no surprise" at Southampton's second place finish, "with such a wonderful range of cruise ships so close to hand" making it an obvious contender. 

The remainder of the top 10, in order, was Bridgend, Eastleigh, Ashford, Bromsgrove, and Solihull.

Previous research from uncovered hopeful signs pointing towards repeat customer rates rising in cruise, with well over a third of guests considering sailings to reunite with former fellow passengers.