A third of cruise guests book reunion sailings with former fellow sailors

A third of cruise guests book reunion sailings with former shipmatesCruise.co.uks recent research makes happy reading for agents selling cruise: over a third of guests are keen to reunite with former fellow first mates, with 71% of those lining up at least two sailings with their newly-made pals. 

Data revealed in cruise.co.uk's survey of almost 1,000 guests predicts clear seas: cruise guests will continue to sail and over a third will reunite with former fellow passengers.

For the respondents who reunite with their former first mates, seven out of 10 say they do so to socialise and rekindle friendships, four out of 10 wanted to explore new destinations with each other, and 11% want to make the most of deals and discounts for group travel. 

Overall, half of the cruise guests surveyed tend to keep in touch with friends made at sea. 

Tony Andrews, managing director of cruise.co.uk, said: "Holidays at sea offer a unique setting to make friends. When combined with the sense of adventure and exploration from travelling across multiple countries, and the luxuries of great food and top-class entertainment, it’s the ideal environment to form lasting relationships.

"With so many friends reuniting at sea, a cruise is not only a great holiday option, but also the perfect place to socialise and meet people on the same wavelength."