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Intrepid?s pen pal programme fosters cross-cultural friendship

Intrepid Travel has launched a pen pal programme in the UK and Ireland, to help stay connected to their agent partners during lockdown, while supporting the education of 90 teenage girls, living in the High Atlas regions of Morocco through Education For All (EFA), a charity that Intrepid supports

The programme encourages friendly communication between the kids of travel agents living in the UK and Ireland, the girls living in Morocco and the children of Intrepid Operations staff, living in Myanmar, Egypt, Croatia and Peru.

The first round of the programme has paired kids from different countries, within the age range of 6 to 18 years. This will help them to communicate with each other through the exchange of emails and learn about different cultures and countries, and how each of the nations are fighting COVID-19. Round two will commence from June 22.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many girls have stopped going to school. As a remedy, EFA raised nearly ?5,000 from various sources, such as the JustGiving fundraiser, individual donations by Intrepid staff members, and a sponsored walk by an Intrepid Travel employee.

The amount has gone into buying laptops and tablets for the girls and enabling them access to an active internet connection, so that they continue their studies.

Zina Bencheikh, MD of EMEA said, ?During these challenging times, we wanted to show our support to our agent friends, many of whom we know, are working under demanding and high-pressure circumstances. By launching the Intrepid Pen Pal Programme, we hope to stay connected despite the self-isolation, and regardless of our geographical or economic circumstances. We want to create some positivity by engaging with our agents and community partners, through unique and light-hearted activities like the Pen Pal Programme that resonates in these difficult times.?

To find out more about the Pen Pal Programme and online events for agents by Intrepid, sign up at the Intrepid Loves Agents Facebook page

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