G Adventures has Taylor Swift tickets... with a Blank Space for your name

The operators You Belong with G Experience campaign invites 75 of the top Global Best G Sellers to Taylor Swifts Eras Tour in London this August.

G Adventures' biggest-ever agent experience will invite top sellers from around the world to various Taylor Swift concerts across the world, including Toronto, New Orleans and London.

Bruce Poon Tip, founder, explained that he first dreamt up the concept for G Adventures in 1989 (the year of Taylor Swift's birth and title of her hit 2014 album), and hopes the incentive creates "happiness and community for our agency partners in the same way G Adventures does for its travellers and Taylor does for her fans."

The top seller each month between January and July will earn a ticket to one of the tour's London dates, with select 'wild card' opportunities to win running in the same period. The first two winners will be awarded at the end of January before one winner each month is rewarded for the remainder of the campaign.

Keep up with the 'You Belong with G Experience' initiative via the operator's 'Agents of Change' Facebook group.