Maybe 2015 will be the year for Travel Agents to focus on technology to further help their ROI?

Complicated technology is a thing of the past; agents have access to simple platforms that integrate to streamline the workflow, increase efficiency and improve their customer communications. At Vertical Systems these ethics have been at the very heart of our business since the rollout of TARSC in 1982.

So many companies have fallen into the trap of spending lots of money on the latest travel technology without maximising its benefits; both seller and buyers are at fault here!

Take a few minutes to review the entire customer journey and challenge the supporting systems along the way. For instance, when a customer telephones you, your system should know if they are a new or repeat customer, has the phone been picked up by the most suitably-skilled agent for this enquiry and if this enquiry is in response to a campaign? A good VoIP (“voice over internet protocol” should provide this). VoIP is an in-expensive way to not only reduce costs, but when used with the right software can enhance your customers experience with your business.

Having (hopefully!) converted the enquiry into a sale, we assume the booking system has a record that provides customer details, value and specifics of the holiday, provides due dates of balances and documentation – all collated within an efficient back-office management system. This is key intelligence for your CRM and not only provides you with enough information to build a picture around your customer, but put to good use can be used to target marketing messages, increase sales, review performance-and overall improve the business revenues.

Did you know? :
· Only 47% of all companies have CRM software
· 43% of customers use fewer than half the features they have on their CRM.
· 72% of users would give up all the extra features just to get a CRM that’s easier to use.

Travel Agents should embrace the free technology training that is available, so the entire team understand the benefits of their system and the advantages of intelligent use.

Education  Data  Money  Marketing  Sales

Are you convinced that integrated systems including telephony, booking system, back-office information and CRM are key to your business? Some may say “yes” but have you taken the time to truly understand the customer booking journey, are you ensuring that the data you own is being put to good use? Forward thinkers will acknowledge that 2015 may be a time for review?

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