Many facets of life experience trends, from foods and exercise regimes to fashion, music styles and gadgets. Where people holiday and the ways in which they do it, are no exception, and the face of the cruise industry is in the midst of a massive overhaul. Here are some of the main changes we see approaching cruising in the near future.

New Image

For decades, the cruising industry has been viewed quite similarly by those who don’t cruise. It often comes across as a high-end holidaying option for sophisticated couples and older people that focuses on formality and hospitality. While this image works wonders for the luxury end of the market, it does nothing to expand the cruise industry as a whole and bring new waves of customer.

Attracting new generations of customer with different interests is a priority in the cruise market at the moment, and so attention is being paid to overhauling vessels and experiences on offer, and redefining the cruise holiday.

Older vessels that have seen their fair share of ports are being reimagined and refurbished to have a bright and modern new look, making much greater use of deck space this time around with facilities like spas and fitness centres with an ocean view.

New Horizons

As part of catering to an alternative market and attracting new crowds, the boundaries of the cruise industry are expanding to the ends of the earth, with new and exotic destinations on the map. In order to achieve these less navigable routes, smaller and more agile vessels are coming about and offering passage to some of the world’s furthest corners, such as Iceland, the Arctic, Amazonia and Galapagos.

On top of this, departure ports are expanding to include far more UK locations. The need for many British travellers to need to go abroad and make entirely separate travel and accommodation arrangements before the holiday even begins is a longstanding annoyance. Many of the major cruise lines will be sailing from UK ports as of this year, meaning fewer plans and transfers, and generally less hassle at the start of a trip away.

New Direction

The green efforts of the cruise industry are peaking right now, with cleaner fuels and digital efficiency reducing the carbon emissions of ships and companies alike. Alongside major breakthroughs liquified natural gas fuel, all the small things soon add up: digitisation means that bookings, confirmations, catalogues and tickets can all be done paperlessly, with special company apps available for customers greatly reducing the need for paper. As we side further with getting things done via the internet or computer, new ways are emerging all the time to minimise harmful emissions and needless waste.

With an aim to having wider variety on offer and saving unwanted or wasted resources, bundling is becoming a central method of cruising. Cruises have traditionally offered a basic experience with optional extras onboard for a long time, but the option of selecting a pick’n’mix holiday that has all of the extras you actually require beforehand has proven increasingly popular, and is being adopted by more and more of the major cruise lines. This helps to prevent waste and prove the industry’s capability to build and deliver a totally custom package.


The cruise industry is opening itself out and extending its network, making possible new ideas and destinations, and pulling out all the stops to attract a new calibre of clientele that would never have ventured to go cruising before. Now is the time to see what the transformation of the cruising world can do for you.

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