We recently ran a survey that revealed Britons would be happy to spend anywhere between £65 and £160 per night for a break in the UK – but there’s a wide variety of affordable accommodation on offer allowing Britons to spend their money elsewhere. 

With rooms at CityLiveIn starting at £50 per night, Britons can save up to £110 per night, spending their money on exploring a new destination. Whether travellers choose this option, or simply choose to stay somewhere more affordable than their usual pit stops, savings are there to be made.

Here are a few different ways they can spend that money elsewhere…


Entrance fees to local castles, museums and galleries can be relatively low cost, allowing travellers to visit more than one place with the money that they save. It costs up to £17 to get into Edinburgh Castle, and similarly from £32.45 to get access to the London Eye.

Food & drink

Saving money on accommodation can mean the difference between dining out in fast food restaurants and having a nice sit-down meal in a pub or restaurant, with drinks on top. Not only will the food be better quality, and the drinks selection having more to offer, but eating somewhere nice is more of an experience, allowing travellers the chance to sit and enjoy time with their travel buddy and where they are.


Whilst it can be nice to walk around destinations to see all that there is on offer, sometimes it’s nice to jump in a taxi and get to the next destination much quicker than relying on buses, trains and the tube.For those who save more than a little, there’s also the option in some cities to get a little quirky and take a water taxi or even a rickshaw.


Fridge magnets, shot glasses, items of clothing, speciality food and drink – you name it, it can be bought as a souvenir and taken home, to keep or to gift to someone else. Whether it’s something that will go on display, or it’s something perishable, it’s a nice little reminder of time spent away. Saving pennies on accommodation frees up more of the budget for small mementos to be bought.

Street Vendors

Street vendors are on the rise, offering a whole host of tasty treats; from sweets and treats, to savoury snacks and even take away meals. Whilst some travellers may prefer to eat in restaurants, sat at a table, some of the best food can be found with street vendors – and it’s good to know that a small business is being helped at the same time.

Book Another Trip

Go see some friends in another town or city, go visit new places around the UK or go for the weekend and take a few different day trips. The options are endless, and there are so many hidden gems around the UK worth exploring. Whether you like the hustle & bustle that comes with being in the city, or you like the peace and quiet that comes with being in the countryside, two trips for the price of one is a bargain.

Visit CityLiveIn.com for more information.

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