The Spanish Tourist Office is delighted to support the star rail operator category. In Spain, we are proud of our national rail network, RENFE, which enables visitors to travel around Spain in an efficient, comfortable, and sustainable way. For a more refined experience, RENFEā€™s luxury trains offer first-class comfort, exceptional Spanish gastronomy, and wonderful guided tours. We congratulate all the rail operators who have been shortlisted in this category.

Spain is going to spend 3.4 billion (euros) towards the transformation and modernization of the Spanish tourism sector. This represents one of the largest investments that a country has ever made in tourism. The objective is to work on tourism transformation in different strategic areas, such as sustainability, digitization, energy efficiency, heritage preservation...

The aim is to build a more sustainable, diversified and profitable tourism model with the funds being channeled into four main areas:

  • Sustainable transformation of the tourism model
  • Digitization and Intelligence for destinations and the wider tourism sector
  • Actions to drive tourism competitiveness
  • Tourism resilience strategies for the Balearic and Canary Islands

Spain is one of Europe's leaders in biodiversity and environmental richness, but we are also vulnerable and exposed to climate change and extreme weather events. Promoting and supporting respect for our environment and protection through policy is essential to maintain our tourism positioning. We want to be aligned with customers who are demanding, who value the local lifestyle and look for new experiences. We support those who combine work and leisure travel, those who are digital nomads and choose destinations where they can live like a local but also create long-lasting memories. We suppose those who stay longer, use public transport and travel to lesser-known areas, as well as those who are able to come at quieter times of year, outside of the peak season. We do not discriminate; we are open-minded, and we welcome visitors from all walks of life.

These are trends, which open up challenges and opportunities for companies and destinations. We look at aligning with the objectives of the 2030 sustainable agenda and we strive to ensure our local population can long enjoy the benefits derived from the tourism industry. Environmental and social sustainability are not optional but critical for our sector.



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