survey reveals top 'hidden gem' cruise calls

Cunard in FunchalCadiz topped the list of UK cruise guests top hidden gem destinations, securing 8% of the vote, with Madeira and Kotor close behind. has conducted a survey of over 700 cruise guests, revealing the top European destinations for consumers in 2023.

Southwestern Spain's ancient port city, Cadiz, was revealed as the top 'hidden gem', followed by Madeira and Kotor. 

44% of former cruise guests claimed 'attractiveness' of the destinations was the main reason for giving it the title of top hidden destinations, with points of interest (25%) and good value (8%) also key selling points. 

The hidden gems may be found soon, though, with 86% of respondents revealing they've recommended their choices to family and friends. 

Tony Andrews, managing director, said: "Cadiz is an ideal cruise call as it has something for every visitor, from stunning architecture, to beautiful gardens, to a bustling central market. It also has great food, including tapas bars and seafood restaurants, with warm welcoming weather.

"Madeira and Montenegro similarly have a rich history and spectacular views, and are a must-see for anyone visiting them by ship. The beauty of a cruise means passengers get to visit a new destination every day, so they can explore these hidden gems as well as popular tourist hotspots such as Barcelona, Stockholm and Lisbon."