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7 genius things to do on your short break to get on top of your finances by Hannah Maundrell,

We all lead hectic lives and it’s easy to put off life laundry like sorting out your finances. Initially it might sound like the last thing you want to be doing on holiday but spending 30 minutes getting on top of things could save you hundreds of pounds. Here are seven super quick things you can do to save money poolside.

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PokemonGo – Is there more to it than just a little fun? by Jo Southall, Limitless Travel

Unless you’ve been living under a rock I’m sure you’ve heard about the latest gaming trend: Pokémon Go. Plenty of people, including myself, started playing before the app was available in the UK. Following the official release of the app, its popularity has continued to grow.

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How travel brands can make an impact on social media by Stephanie Reed, freelance social media manager

Based on my experience managing social media channels for travel companies on a freelance basis, here are my top tips for social media marketing success:

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“I thought I’d seen everything!”- A journey to Atlantic Canada by Bryher Scudamore

It was a massive surprise. I thought I’d seen every kind of destination...

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How will Britain choosing to leave the EU affect the business class travel and luxury travel industry? By Alex Way,

Brexit is here. But what does that mean for the luxury and business travel industry? Well the reality is that very little will happen will happen for the time being, especially in terms of travel outside of the EU. Even within the EU, existing regulations will remain in place for two years, even after someone pulls the trigger on section 50.

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