Peter Marsh asks what's your tally of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals this season?

Are your personal sales figures down? Do you feel that you are going through a lean patch? No getting on the podium? Perhaps it is time to review some of the sales basics.

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Richard English explains how to deal with objections when selling

In my last article I left you with the scenario where a customer has objected to your suggested travel solution of a week in the Venice Hilton, by claiming that it was not right because it wasn't on the main island. Now, it might well be that this customer is telling no more than the truth and so, if you come up with a similar kind of hotel on the main island then that will be acceptable and you can proceed. Obviously, when you were investigating your customer's needs you didn't find out that a hotel on the main island was what was needed.

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Richard English explains why probing questions are a must to getting the sale

In my most recent feature I discussed the idea of using open questions to find out what your customers really want and every selling course talks about how useful open questions – the so-called 6ws – are. And it is quite true that when you ask simple questions to which your customer knows the answer then asking the right open question will usually get you the answer you need.

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Hoda Lacey offers 9 steps to improving your resilience

Resilience has been described as your "self-righting tendencies" It is "both the capacity to be bent without breaking and the capacity, once bent, to spring back".

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Peter Marsh reveals why selling is not just about talking

I recently went to book flights to Australia and New Zealand with a major agent specialising in the Far East. Had the consultant been really listening to what I needed, picking up on the cues, and asking reasonable questions then they may have got the £6,000 booking.

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Richard English explains why listening is the most important skill that any salesperson can learn

Last time we spoke about rapport – its importance and how it helps you to get on with your customers. It is always true that you will be more likely to sell something to people you get on with than those you don’t. But good rapport won’t, on its own, do the job. 

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Peter Marsh looks at self organisation for hard pressed consultants

The travel business today is increasingly pressurised. Clients are fewer and bookings harder to finalise. No matter whether you are a home worker or based in an agency, one of the keys to success is your own self organisation. For home workers especially the right mental attitude and not missing a single opportunity from your leads is absolutely essential. 

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