Travel Counsellors Andy La Gette

How a passion for travel helps you sell more

Andy La Gette from Travel Counsellors explains how to create lasting client relationships to sell better.

The key to being a successful travel agent is establishing and following best practices. You must be crystal clear on who you are, what you offer, and what makes you unique in the marketplace.

Invest time in getting to know your clients well. To be able to service their complete travel needs you really need to know their back story and to remember their preferences from previous trips. Make each booking and travel experience as personal to your customers as you can. Lasting client relationships take time, but by earning the respect and friendship of your customers you are well on the way to creating truly memorable experiences that customers return for time and again.

The key to client retention is having your customers invest in you as a person and provider of exceptional service, more than the products you sell. Relentless attention to detail and striving to exceed expectations every single time will establish you as an indispensable part of their lives and professional networks.

Once you have created and nurtured trusted relationships and your customers have bought into you, this presents a great opportunity to ask for referrals. Satisfied customers will be happy to recommend you provided you are consistently delivering the highest levels of service. Effective referrals can unlock huge potential as your most valued clientele introduce you to their own contacts, with similar leisure tastes and spending potential.

As your client list grows you should always seek to differentiate yourself. Never rest on your laurels and relish the challenge to improve at every opportunity. Working hard and ensuring every customer experience has that magic touch will create and define your value. When pricing, be confident without being greedy − you know what you are worth. Never apologise for fees, but always ensure that you can justify them. Price fairly, and focus on value rather than cost.

Most important of all… love your job! Be good to people, and enthusiastic about travel. If you aren’t passionate about your field, then why should someone use you as their travel agent?

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