Global Travel Group Cherie Richards commercial director

Global’s Cherie Richards on why she loves working in the travel industry

Cherie Richards, commercial director for Global Travel Group, rises above the doom and gloom with a cheerful column about why she loves working in the travel industry.

Have you ever been to a social occasion or an event where you are thrust into a group of people you’ve never met before? Chances are the conversation soon turns to work, as everyone desperately tries to fill the silence by explaining what they do for a job.

Having revealed I’m in travel, I bet I’m not alone in facing the inevitable follow up question: “Oooh,” people invariably say, “I bet you go on lots of nice holidays.” Well, yes, but that’s because I have worked in travel for 27 years and as a result, have lots of knowledge about the suppliers we work with and who goes where and offers what.

Anyone who works in this incredible industry will attest to the fact that it isn’t all play though; there is an incredible amount of hard work and resilience required.

As an industry, we have survived a couple of recessions, more airline strikes than we care to remember and many geopolitical crises in the past few years. Add to that the ongoing Brexit negotiations and it’s fair to say as an industry we don’t stand still.

The truth for most agents is that their year often rushes past as they work to the major sales milestones. While clients are thinking about where to travel for Easter, summer or Christmas, those at the sharp end are doing exactly the same. We are in the business because we like making people happy – we have a passion for sales, and generally, share a view that the world can be a better place when people experience it.

I’m constantly hearing of the hard work that my members are putting in, often going above and beyond to secure those all-important sales.

With so much hard work it’s only right that every now and again we take a step back and review what is being accomplished. Which brings me onto the upcoming ‘Global Rocks’ event, which will take place at the Carden Park Hotel near Chester on July 4.

The event was such a huge success last year; we didn’t want to miss an opportunity for this summer. In addition, our members always comment on how useful it is to get together with suppliers and the Global HQ team.

Attendees should expect live music, plenty of food and drink and lots of laughs. There will, of course, be a serious side to the day too.

Some of our business partners will be in attendance and there will be plenty of time to network, so members can find out all the latest developments in the industry.

Going from daytime networking to an evening party is perhaps the best real-life example of why I love working in the travel industry.

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